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Contract & Interim

Our specialist contract and interim team are highly skilled at finding the best talent for the correct project, at the right time. We provide candidates for both long and short-term contracts across all of our disciplines: marketing, digital, communications and investor relations. 

Haven't considered hiring a contractor before?  There are a myriad of reasons why this hiring solution could benefit your business in the long-term. Below are the top six benefits for hiring contract or interim staff.


Contractors can be utilised for fluctuations in work, while not being a permanent cost to the business. You are completely in control of the length of the contract. 

Skill shortage/project work

Interims can be hired to provide a specific skill set that your current in-house team does not possess for a specific project.

Maternity & paternity cover/long-term sickness

Contractors allow for continuity in a role while the current incumbent is on long-term leave, resulting in no loss of productivity.

Headcount restrictions

Temporary staff can provide marketing resource under marketing spend instead of headcount – getting around permanent headcount sign-off issues. 

External marketing agency cost saving

Hiring specialised interim marketers to undertake work which would previously have gone to an agency at a higher cost can save money in the long-term.

Access to talent

The combination of exposure to varied work and personal flexibility has led to an influx of top tier marketers making a move into the interim market. You are able to harness this talent in a cost effective way.

If you want to hire temporary staff or would like to understand more about the contract and interim market you can contact a member of the team here.

If you have a vacancy you think an interim or contractor could fill you can upload a brief directly here.



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