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The changing landscape of marketing recruitment

Today’s marketing recruitment agencies certainly have a number of challenges on their hands. Whereas traditional marketing positions had been relatively straight forward to fill, the changing landscape of business caused by the digital revolution, is turning everything on its head.

In recent years there has been a distinct change in requirements across marketing teams, as the need for more specialist digital professionals has significantly increased across all sectors. Whilst the majority of marketing teams previously consisted of generalist marketers covering multiple channels, there has been a clear shift as businesses look to build teams of specialist experts covering core digital channels.  The result has seen an increase in demand for experts across areas such as SEO, PPC, analytics, digital transformation, mobile, social media and more.

With many of these areas of digital new to businesses, finding and scoping talent has been a big challenge for the majority of digital marketing recruiters let alone businesses. Take SEO for example, with this channel being relatively new to most organisations the number of professionals working in SEO roles across the UK with more than a few years’ experience has been limited.

But it’s not all doom and gloom as the market is quickly adapting and changing. In fact with a clear gap in the market and opportunity for educational organisations, new and bespoke training courses are popping up across the UK looking to close the digital capabilities gap by enabling marketers to easily up-skill. As a result, businesses are starting to see the benefit of investing in digital training for their teams which is now beginning to result in the rise of digital talent.

With things on the up, digital marketing recruitment agencies like EMR are quickly developing strong networks of digital experts and can often be a quick and effective source for finding the talent businesses need to grow and develop. So next time you’re looking to recruit digital specialists it might just be worth giving us a call.