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Pay Report 2021


We are pleased to present to you our Pay Report for 2021. Our annual report helps hundreds of employers and candidates navigate their hiring challenges and careers every year.

Given everything we went through in 2020, this year’s survey felt our most important yet. Find out how 1,000 marketing, communications and digital professionals were impacted by the pandemic, and what effects this will have on hiring in 2021. Will you have to re-think pay, retention or attraction strategies? And what is the best way to hire for the skills you need?

How were jobs in the marketing, communications and digital industries impacted? One thing we now know is that the pandemic didn't affect everyone in the same way. Who fared the best, and the worst? And, crucially, how has remote working changed employee demands in 2021?

The report also continues our analysis on the gender pay gap in our industries.

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