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Covid-19 Recruitment Impact Report


Would you like to know how Covid-19 is changing hiring in 2020? Our Covid-19 Recruitment Impact Report is now out, which details key trends and impacts the lockdown has had on the business environment. 

During the first lockdown we launched a survey to assess exactly what impact Covid-19 had on recruitment within marketing, digital and communications. The report detailing our findings is out now.

Impact on Businesses 

How did businesses deal with the challenges presented by the lockdown and adapt their practices? What are the key expectations in the next year?

Impact on Employees

What impact did the lockdown have on mental health and flexible working? What will future working practices look like?

We realise that the market is changing faster than ever, which is why will be running another survey to assess the impacts of the second lockdown soon.

Download your copy to find out how the recruitment landscape is changing and what you and your business can do to navigate your way through it.

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