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What key trends have you witnessed in 2017?

Technology companies continued to invest in marketing, particularly in online rich content and video messaging. Video content remains a popular trend as a way of producing engaging material through most social media channels and will certainly continue next year. Online information doubles every year and 2017 was no different. As a result, there was an increase in demand for marketing candidates who are able to visually translate commercial information in a concise and relevant fashion.

Although digital skills are crucial for many organisations, there has been and will continue to be, a high demand for candidates with general marketing skills. Marketers who understand account-based marketing, can write unique, valuable and appealing content and those focused on demand generation will continue to find themselves in high demand. Commercial marketers that can demonstrate marketing ROI are in particular demand. The uncertainty of Brexit has had some impact predominantly in larger companies. More companies are questioning where headcount should be based overseas and opting for contractors to negate risk should they need to pull out of the UK market.

What key trends do you expect to see over the next 12 months?

The importance of data has had a significant shift in the marketing space, meaning that marketing leaders are being held more to account for measurable performance. Lead generation and demand generation experts will continue to increase as businesses migrate more from a push to a pull engagement model. Experience in marketing automation and personalisation, as well as experience in programmatic and driving down CPL and CPA will be key to client hires.

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What methods are companies using to attract and retain the top talent?

Traditionally, well-known technology brands and exciting products are attractive enough, as are competitive salaries. However, organisations are now heavily investing in their employer brand and thinking of long-term candidate attraction. This has included developing employer brand marketing plans, which heavily feature digital platforms, portals and tools. Smaller start-ups are naturally more agile and technically mobile, and as such naturally attract marketers who want to work more flexibly. Salaries continue to be a key attraction method, as well as the ability to work for more flexible companies that are at the pinnacle of remote working and home access.

Do you anticipate any changes to permanent salaries and bonuses over the next 12 months?

The technology sector has some of the highest marketing salaries and typically increases salaries above inflation. Candidates with in demand digital skills can expect salary increases. Newer, start-up tech companies are also willing to offer more competitive salaries attract the right marketer to drive new business growth.

Contract roles & day rates

The technology space for 2017 saw a need for end-to-end campaign specialists, marketing automation, influencer marketing experience and demand generation, knowledge of start-ups, particularly those with broad digital skills. We anticipate 2018 to be a busy year for contractors within the technology space, especially the more senior level appointments.

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