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Market Report 2019: your latest job guide


Use our annual Market Report to support your career decisions no matter what stage of the journey you are at. The 14 discipline and sector insights will benchmark your position for pay, bonuses, skills and working practices.

As well as answering questions such as: What is an average salary for a marketing manager? Should you expect a bonus if you work in digital marketing? How much can you earn as a communications contractor? The report will inform you on key topics that you should consider when planning your career, including:


Find out the most in-demand skills for your discipline and sector. Just how essential is digital experience? Learn how you can upskill if you’d like to refresh your experience.

Flexible working 

We’ve seen a huge increase in the demand and adoption of flexible working. What working hours are usual for your industry? Find out how your discipline and sector stacks up.


Job types are changing – contract or interim jobs are now very popular career choices. Find out why contractors do it, and what the key benefits and considerations are. And if you’re already an interim professional – what day rates can you expect?

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