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Hiring in 2020


Even though we now find ourselves in an unprecedented situation, with people and businesses undergoing huge adjustments, one thing you can be sure of is EMR’s dedication to providing our clients and hirers with consultative advice to help steer them through it.

Our trusted annual Market Report has become a go-to resource for employers over the last 11 years that it has been produced. Our clients use it to understand candidate motivations and movement, which hiring strategy will suit them best and how much it will cost. These points remain significant, especially in times of uncertainty where planning for the short, medium and long-term will best equip business bounce-back.

The report analyses a survey completed by 1,400 marketing, digital, communications and investor relations professionals, most of whom are managers, directors and CMOs, and draws upon our specialist knowledge of the industry and 11 years’ worth of data to help you solve common recruitment challenges, including:

Skills gaps

Compare your digital skills planning against the industry, benchmark pay for the gaps you have and find out how you can up-skill existing employees when hiring is not an option.

Candidate attraction and retention

What do candidates demand? Where do they search for jobs? And just how much talent could you lose to inflexible working practices?

Hiring options

From contractors to Fixed Term Contracts to permanent hires. Which one might suit your brief best, and how much will it cost?

Pay Report 2021

For the latest salaries and day rates and hiring advice, please download our Pay Report 2021 here.


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