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Hiring in 2019


Our trusted annual Market Report is out now. We draw upon our specialist knowledge and access to 10 year's worth of data to update you on the market and help you solve some common recruitment challenges and inform future hiring strategies.

1,600 marketing, digital, communications and investor relations professionals completed this year's survey, 76% of whom are managers, directors or CMOs. Find out their views on pay, bonuses and evolving candidate preferences and challenges.

As well as accessing cross-discipline market data for your sector that will help you benchmark salaries, you'll find out how to attract the top talent to your business as we cover key topics including:

Candidate motivations

Why do candidates leave marketing jobs? What do communications and digital professionals want? How can you attract senior appointments and what bonus do you need to be offering your investor relations staff? 


As securing permanent headcount can become tougher and the nature of work changes, we explore why contract or interim staff can be the solution, and what you can expect to pay them.

Flexible working

We’ve seen a huge increase in the demand for flexible working. Find out how your sector stacks up and why candidates demand flexibility.

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