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Has the Gender Divide improved in 2019?


We have been keeping a close eye on the gender divide over the last year, with the help of our Market Trend & Salary Survey and 'Successful women in marketing' interview series with female marketing leaders. 2018's Market Report highlighted the poor state of the gender divide across the marketing industry, with particular issues at the senior end. So the question is -have things improved a year on? 

1,600 marketing, digital, communications and investor relations professionals completed 2019's survey, 76% of whom were managers, directors or CMOs. We combined these results with the analysis gained over the last ten years of producing our market reports, and we were pleased to see an improving picture for women over the last decade. 

Our data shows that now, more women earn over £60,000 and reach management level positions. Women have also seen the largest upward shift in contract day rates with 25% more earning £300-£750 a day.

However, the gap at the top still remains wider than ever.


In search for answers, we asked both men and women why they think the divide exists.  What’s surprising is that they largely agree that the divide can be attributed to career breaks and flexibility around motherhood. The other top reasons for gender divide varied between women and men, all of which can be found in our Market Report 2019 along with other insights and solutions.

What can be done? 

The responsibility to bridge the gender gap falls to both individuals and employers. The latest industry insights in our Market Report 2019 can help you accurately benchmark your salary, get advice on hiring trends and flexible working best practices. Our report also features insight from Women in Marketing on how organisations can improve gender diversity. 


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