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Internal communications

  • Establish an internal communications strategy in conjunction with senior managers
  • Focus on how we communicate effectively between client and Group offices globally
  • Draft messages or scripts from senior directors
  • Ensure organisational initiatives and projects are successfully communicated to employees and stakeholders
  • Working with the Marketing Manager on communications projects such as the blog, floor wrap ups, Global News
  • Working with key senior stakeholders, particularly Head of People and SMT, to produce and distribute various internal communications (incentives, employee engagement survey, benefits, work streams etc.)
  • Working with Implementation team to support with communications around new client
  • Working with the Marketing Manager on selected brand definition, brand and values proposition projects

Content Management

  • To ensure best-in-class content is created and shared and leveraged across all of the Group's marketing teams
  • To generate, publish and continuously improve, monitor and promote content across key external communications platforms:
    • Content management strategy - work with Marketing Manager to develop a tiered, global content management strategy
    • Social media strategy and guidelines - work with Account Manager (PR) to develop and communicate a comprehensive set of guidelines for the use of social and business networking sites, monitoring of local adherence to guidelines and leveraging of best practice/successes
    • To be active in and an authority on the best in social media with an understanding of the best methods of engagement and growth
    • - contribute to the management of all content (working with Marketing team)
    • Client comms - develop and implement client comms strategy ensuring effective communication of all projects/initiatives/news to our key client stakeholders globally


  • Work with Account Manager (PR) to leverage corporate brand awareness in local and international press
  • Work with Account Manager (PR) and Marketing Manager to increase the profile of the brand and the Senior Management Team within trade and national press
  • Awards: identification and management of submissions

Corporate campaign development, management and co-ordination

  • Development and management of communications campaigns for corporate projects/initiatives
  • Ensuring adherence to brand guidelines
  • Ensuring economies of scale are realised and costs minimised

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