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Why recruiting digital contractors is crucial for building your company’s skillset


Over the years, digital platforms have become the most dominant business model and marketing has changed at an unprecedented rate. It’s now vital that every business can offer a seamless experience to both customers and employees, with a well-developed digital transformation strategy that uses new technologies and different methods for growth. Today, all businesses must build toward a digital future – which is why companies need to continuously upskill.


Digital contractors can play an instrumental role in the development of a company’s skill set. Contractors often have a clearly defined field of experience, which means they can bring diversity to your services, increasing the stability of your company over the long haul. Read on to discover the key reasons why digital contractors can be a great asset to any business.

Special expertise

One of the key benefits of recruiting a digital contractor is that they can provide unique and specialised skills that a company might not currently have. For example, if your business works with a lot of customer data, hiring a digital analyst contractor is an excellent way to combat skills gaps and shortfalls. Most contractors bring with them years of experience across multiple projects, so they will require very little training – which means instant productivity for your business. 

The fact that digital contractors can start making an impact from day one is particularly useful for businesses that are working on large-scale projects, such as digital transformation or a new website launch. In the wake of the pandemic, many businesses have been evaluating their digital strategy, so hiring a contractor can boost any skill gaps quickly. To have this level of experience in-house permanently requires significant investment. Companies can therefore take advantage of highly skilled digital contractors on their existing projects and adapt their staffing needs when required.

Build an agile organisation

In the current digital landscape, it’s all the more important that businesses remain agile and resilient in the face of dramatic change. There’s no question that the pandemic has accelerated change that was already on the horizon – and according to HC Mag, there are potentially 97 million jobs that will emerge in the market, as a result of digital and new technologies. This means there’s now an increasing demand for niche digital and technical skills, for companies to thrive. 

Hiring digital contractors is a great way for companies to further the talent at their organisation and take a more agile approach. Digital contractors may be able to provide mentorship and advice to employees – which is a great example of how agility can increase talent mobility in a business. Whether you’re hiring a software developer or UX designer, digital contractors can improve the approach of permanent staff, as well as the company itself. When building your company’s skill set, organisations must have a strong balance between external and internal sourcing – so recruiting digital contractors is a great way to ensure holistic thinking across your business.

Opportunity for growth

An integrated workforce that contains both permanent hires and contractors can pave the way for a productive and positive ecosystem for your business. Since contractors have often had exposure to lots of different workplaces, they’re often more adaptable and focused on growth and results. When it comes to building your company’s skill set, digital contractors can contribute to the expansion of the company on a short-term basis. Another benefit of hiring digital contractors to grow your company is that these workers are hired for specific projects, which means businesses can reduce long-term labour costs. 

Most contractors are flexible with their hours and these professionals can potentially be less time consuming for managers. Contractors are likely to take initiative when they need support and can bring a level of dedication that can drive your business forward. Therefore, a digital contractor serves as a key strategic resource that can provide a solution to employee absences and add new skills. While searching for the right digital headcount can take time, contractors are no doubt a great asset for any digitally-focused company.

Are you looking for digital contractors?

Digital contractors can be an excellent option when looking for niche skills. These professionals can work on complex digital projects over a fixed period of time, adding an extra layer of knowledge to the company. At EMR, we specialise in recruiting professionals for digital, marketing and communications roles. We’re well-versed in all the market trends and have an excellent track record of selecting and placing the best candidates, as well as digital contractor professionals. Contact us to find out more about how we can help your recruitment, or keep reading our blog articles for more interesting insights.

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