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Why donating your skills can boost your career


Many marketers are donating their talent to good causes through our partnership with Pimp My Cause. Not only does this give charities a much needed skills boost that they otherwise couldn’t afford, it fulfils variety of benefits for both marketers and marketing teams. Talent development, improving teamwork, and a fulfilled sense of worth are just some of the often cited reasons.

Fiona Kerr, a marketing manager, teamed up with the London Basketball Association to help them develop a strategic marketing plan. We caught up with her following her placement to get her thoughts on her experience. 

What inspired you to donate your marketing skills to a good cause?

I’ve always wanted to do pro-bono/charity work but always made a number of excuses about time, energy and money. In early 2018 I relocated to the UK and was looking for a full-time role so I had the time available, I wanted to keep my brain active and felt it was time to do something selfless. When I heard about the opportunity to get involved with charity organisations with EMR and Pimp My Cause, I jumped at the opportunity to contribute and help out. 

Why did you choose to work with the London Basketball Association?

I knew absolutely nothing about basketball! Probably less than nothing to be honest. It was an opportunity to learn about a new industry, face a new challenge and test my strategic marketing skills. 

What challenges were they facing?

The team at LBA were doing all the right stuff but they didn’t have a marketing plan aligned to their strategic goals. I was able to link their business objectives with new marketing objectives in a structured way so that they can talk to the right target market, in the right way, all the while tracking their progress and maximising their budget. 

How were you able to help them address those challenges?

I think I was able to see the challenges from a holistic point of view. I gave them an overarching marketing framework coupled with creative considerations and direction on the messaging to use in each channel. 

How have you benefited from the experience?

I think primarily it has reinforced my passion for marketing and helping businesses to find creative solutions. Secondly it’s given me the confidence to trust my instincts and utilise all my previous experience to create a sound strategy and deliver on business objectives. 

What would you say to other marketers considering donating their skills to a good cause? 

Don’t hesitate! Grab the opportunity! Not only will you feel good about giving up your time to a worthy cause, but you’ll reignite your passion and push yourself a little out of your comfort zone. And develop your career at the same time.

Tony Lazare, CEO of the London Basketball Association, was equally appreciative of Fiona’s help. 

“Fiona has been sensational. We hope to keep her for as long as possible because her insight is amazing, her energy is infectious and she's a do'er! Thus far Fiona has created an overarching marketing strategy, breaking us down from head to toe, which is superb as it really allows us to understand who we are, what we need to do and how we going to do it and this translates into solidifying super strong foundations within the marketing arena.”  


To find out more about donating your skills visit our Pimp My Cause website here


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