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The next addition to the C-suite? Enter: the Chief Mobile Officer.

As the mobile channel becomes increasingly important to marketing departments, the profile and influence of those heading it up within organisations is growing considerably. Larger chunks of customer journeys now take place on mobile devices, with mobile digital time now significantly higher than desktop digital time in the US. The need for a strong mobile offering has been enhanced by search giant Google’s decision to favour mobile-friendly sites over those which aren’t mobile optimised. 

Marketers will of course be familiar with the role of the chief marketing officer, but the increase in mobile’s importance has given rise to a new CMO altogether; the chief mobile officer. Huge multi-national tech firm AOL recently poached Mark Connon from US cellular provider Verizon to head up their offering, and AOL is unlikely to be the last tech company to create a boardroom position for a mobile guru. While mobile heads sit firmly in the fiefdom of the chief marketing officer in most large companies for now, it isn’t hard to envisage them having more influence in the future, should the growth of the channel continue. 

While most mobile heads’ salaries aren’t likely to match that of AOL’s new recruit, the shortage of skilled professionals in the sector means they are taking home significant packages. According to EMR’s forthcoming Salary & Market Trend Report 2016, the average head of mobile can expect to take home an impressive £80,000 - £100,000 basic salary.  

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