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The myths of marketing


The art of PR is all about storytelling, whether it’s that of a company, a product or even an individual. Often myths are created to underpin these stories and frequently they have infiltrated everyday life. For example, the idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There is absolutely no conclusive evidence that this is the case and in fact Kellogg’s has funded research proving that cereal consumption is linked to having a lower BMI.

The many marketing myths will continue to come thick and fast no doubt (is avocado really a superfood and do we really benefit from blitzing certain vegetables in a glorified blender in order to release their essential nutrients?) but what has changed is the nature of story-telling for PRs – and they must keep on top of these trends in order to remain top of their game.

Back in the days of Fleet Street print was king and PRs thrived on the basis of their relationships with journalists. While still an important element of a PR’s role, relationships with journalists is not the only consideration.

Digital is now more important than ever and creating online content which amplifies key messages is crucial and while PRs might feel precious about ‘earned’ coverage, paid for media now plays a crucial role. The profession should not be thinking in terms of PR and marketing in distinct boxes anymore, rather it’s the message that’s important – there are many ways it can reach the audience. It’s the communications professional’s job to pick the best method and make it work. 

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