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While the budding relationship between US superstar, Taylor Swift and purported Bond-to-be, Tom Hiddlestone has been grabbing the headlines, there’s only one big name tie-up that marketing pros should be paying attention to at the moment. Microsoft’s monstrous £18bn bid for social media giant LinkedIn has huge potential ramifications for marketers’, and the way they use social. 
According to EMR’s Salary & Market Trend Report 2016, LinkedIn is the most popular social channel regularly used by marketers. The research highlights a massive 65% of marketers are active contributors on the channel in their work – beating Facebook and Twitter comfortably. 

The reason LinkedIn is popular with marketers is clear. The channel offers them an unrivalled opportunity to reach a business audience, and boasts over 400 million active members. LinkedIn also allows marketers to share a variety of different of content, from blog posts to videos. This gives it an edge over platforms like YouTube and Instagram, whose content-form might not be relevant for every brand. While Instagram is great for a clothing maker trying to reach a teenage audience, it is unlikely to help a cement manufacturer reach out to Quantity Surveyors in Northern England.  

On the other hand, much of the content regularly posted on LinkedIn is quite dull.  While it can be leveraged extremely successfully for investor relations, B2B and employee engagement purposes, the channel’s business audience makes it less useful for B2C campaigns. Critics would suggest that LinkedIn is a niche site with a niche audience – that it punches above its weight when it comes to marketers’ affections. 

Whichever direction Microsoft take Linked-in, it will continue to be the world’s foremost digital careers hub. For the same reason that you wouldn’t post an executive blog on Tumblr, LinkedIn will have a place in the digital mix. 

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