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Improving the gender divide in marketing


Our latest gender divide report found that female marketers have taken great strides over the last decade in narrowing the gap on pay and job equality. However, we found that the gap in the top jobs is as wide as ever.

So what can the industry do about it? Andrea Opoku of Women in Marketing recently spoke at an EMR event and shed light on this very question. She shared four key areas that an organisation can focus on to improve its diversity.

1. Job descriptions

Look at the language and phrases used. Research has shown that there are certain terms that put off female applicants, such as ‘ninjas’ or ‘rockstars’.

2. Employer brand

“Diversity attracts diversity”. Ensure that you are showcasing the diversity of your organisation externally. Consider the visuals, imagery and language used in all aspects of the recruitment process and touchpoints.

3. Strategically seed your pipeline

Look at your candidate interview shortlists and consider the “two in a pool” effect. This theory states that if you are interviewing four candidates, and only one of them is female, then her chances of getting the job are near zero. However, if there are two female candidates and two male candidates, the chance of a women securing the role goes up by 79 times. 

4. Remember inclusion and retention

Once you’ve hired a more diverse range of candidates, you want to focus on retaining them. Look at your onboarding process, and consider creating groups of communities where employees feel welcomed, for example - working mothers. 

Women in Marketing’s mission is to educate, inspire, connect, recognise and empower women to fulfill their potential within the marketing profession. Their annual awards are a key activity in this and we are proud to be partnering them for a second year for what is their 9th Global Women in Marketing Awards.

The awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of women in the marketing, advertising and communications fields around the globe. There are 13 award categories to enter and EMR are especially supporting the great female marketers that we know at both levels of the industry, with the Best leader in Marketing and The One to Watch awards. Change can’t only come from within, however, and that’s why we are also pleased to recommend the Equality Advocate of the Year award – which recognises the men that are helping to encourage more female leaders. 

Best leader in Marketing - recognises the client and the agency leaders who have demonstrated exemplary communications leadership in the course of the past year. 

The One to Watch - recognises someone whose advancement through Marketing roles has been fast with a correlated expansion of responsibilities and achievements within 7 years’ experience.

Equality Advocate of the Year - This award is reserved for a male individual who has gone above and beyond to promote gender equality and encourage more female leaders. 

Find out more about the categoires and download your entry form here. The deadline is 2 October 2019.



You can download our whitepaper on the gender divide here 


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