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Hiring in Uncertain Times


It wasn't long ago that Brexit and a hung parliament were two main sources of business uncertainty. But we've yet again entered unchartered waters and this is resulting in an increased appetite for flexible workforces including part-time roles and interim hiring.

Our interim and contract division

EMR’s interim and contract division covering marketing, digital, communications and investor relations specialism’s have experienced an influx of roles resulting from short term projects, high workloads, restructures and relocations. Our clients rely on us to provide consultants that are highly-adaptable, skilful and able to meet an immediate need. 

Contractors provide a high level of value to workplaces and are increasingly being sought after by many organisations. CEO from the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed, Chris Bryce says contractors allow businesses to adapt to change:

“At a vital time when the economy needs to be dynamic in the face of growing uncertainty, contractors are providing on-demand resources to businesses allowing them to be flexible in response to change.” 

Contractors can cover planned and unplanned vacancies, help businesses increase performance and bring specialist knowledge to complex projects. Businesses have often found that contractors can enhance productivity and morale within the team by bringing with them a fresh perspective, new ideas and an increased level of enthusiasm.

Permanent staff are usually looking at the big picture, whereas contractors devote their energy to executing projects, campaigns and strategies so are an ideal short-term solution. Digital Marketing Manager for Merlin Entertainment finds that contractors offer support during key seasons at Merlin:

“Working with contractors has always helped us support teams that need that extra boost during our busy periods around summer and Halloween, often with very short notice. I have also found the outside view on our projects can also be very helpful to keep things fresh!”

One of the main motivators for hiring a contractor is that it makes more financial sense when taking into consideration the additional costs associated with permanent staff such as employee benefits, private health, pension plans, office space and holiday pay. Of course, contractors are paid for the work they do, which means any holidays, sick days or reduction of hours due to changes to business requirements do not qualify for payment. 

Contracting is for Everyone

Uncertain times can mean uncertain long-term job security, but canny professionals are seeing this as a chance to move away from traditional work habits and instead embrace new options. Often, when marketers think contracting they imagine more junior roles that lack substance. 

This couldn’t be further from the truth, we are placing interim marketing directors and CMO’s into lengthy positions with a variety of strategic and tactical aspects.

Clients view change as an opportunity to place highly skilled and experienced professionals with their businesses easily. 

Senior candidates see it as chance to have a break from long term roles which may have become more “business as usual”. Instead they look to add value to organisations going through change so they can have real input with demonstrable results.

If you’re a senior candidate looking to make a move or an employer looking to hire, EMR’s contract and interim team can help. With a track record that spans over 23 years we work across all  industries and cover specialism’s including marketing, digital, communications and investor relations. 

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