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Gender Divide through the years


We have been monitoring gender divide trends for the past four years by analysing our Market Report data, as well as interviewing female marketing leaders.

Our Pay Report 2021 highlighted that the gender pay gap across marketing, digital and communications disciplines remains wide, with particular issues at the senior end.

Our data from 2018 showed that women are nearly twice as likely to earn under £49,000, as well as clearly lower average contract pay and bonuses. It is evident that most women’s ceiling is Management, with 13% more men making it beyond this title. This gap hasn’t changed since we began this reporting four years ago.

Take a look at the trends through the years below. 

Gender Divide 2018 - 2021

Read our successful women in marketing interviews here to find out how they made it to the top and what we can do to improve the gender divide.

Read more about the gender divide in our 2021 Pay Report, as well as how the pandemic affected pay, candidate sentiment and flexible working.

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