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Fintech under the spotlight

The UK has established itself as a global centre of innovation and growth for the Fintech sector, with fresh start-ups lying in close proximity to investors. Fintech has experienced significant growth over the last five years, and the industry is worth around £20 billion to the UK economy annually. Many start-ups have enjoyed meteoric rises, and brands like Transfer Wise and World First have become household names. 

Brand building continues to play a huge part in Fintech companies’ journeys. In addition to reaching out to potential prospects, Fintech companies also need to develop strong corporate profiles in order to attract investment. Marketing and communications is also a mission-critical function for Fintech companies looking to take business away from more traditional financial intuitions like banks and building societies, whose slow-moving legacy systems give fast-moving Fintech providers a real chance to shine. Increasing competition in the B2B sector is likely to drive competition for candidates further. 

Demand for marketing professionals in the sector has therefore been growing over the past 12 months. Generalist digital marketers are being sought by providers to manage campaigns across a variety of digital channels, and there is also a strong demand for product marketing managers with experience in the financial services sectors.  

Salaries in the sector are largely comparable to those in financial services. EMR’s latest salary survey reveals that managers typically earn between £40-55,000, which rises to between £100-150,000 for directors. However, attractive stock options give marketers the chance to boost their earnings radically. 

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