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Education, education, education… marketing?


Most people’s idea of working in education centres on teaching. However, the sector is now a multi-billion pound industry, and features a far greater range of professionals than your stereotypical elbow-patched bearded philosophy lecturer.

While marketing and communications professionals may not have been a prominent feature in institutions 20 years ago, they have fast become fundamentally important behind the scenes. Attracting students is now more important than ever, with universities’ funding linked to the number of students attending their institutions, and an increased reliance on international students' higher fees. As a result of the need to build a strong brand, marketers in the sector now find themselves developing engaging campaigns and strategies, which are at the forefront of digital trends.

It isn’t all about attracting new students however. In the past few years, prestigious universities such as the London School of Economics and Durham have received negative press attention for a range of misdemeanours, including links to the Gaddafi regime and even espionage. With their reputations at stake, universities’ communications teams have become mission critical.

While salaries in not-for-profits are often viewed as being subpar by private sector marketers, the reality is that the sector pays well. Marketers moving into the sector are often able to command a like-for-like salary – which can easily be in the six-figure range for senior leaders.

EMR’s 2016 Salary & Market Trend Report will be available from mid-March 2016.

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