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Don’t lose the benefits of contract and interim work just because of IR35


The delayed IR35 roll out to the private sector in April 2021 has garnered lots of attention and raised some pretty negative headlines. But, like most legislature updates in recruitment, it needn't be so worrying. EMR have partnered with the market leading IR35 insurer Qdos, to take the risk and hassle out of hiring contractors and interims. 

Qdos is a tax consultancy business that has specialised in IR35 legislation for 20 years. They have successfully defended over 1,600 IR35 enquiries, saving contractors an estimated £35million in tax, and are widely considered a leading authority on IR35 status. Today, they review over 2,000 engagements each month for IR35 compliance, provide over 15,000 contractors with IR35 insurance protection, and provide countless hours of IR35 advice and consultancy each week.

Our partnership means that for every temporary role we work on, we will engage with Qdos as an independent expert to assess that role’s IR35 validity. And they back the approval of a role being outside of IR35 with a comprehensive tax liability insurance policy.

The great advantage of being able to advertise a role that is approved ‘Outside IR35’ is that you will attract the best contractors on the market. Many contract as a lifestyle choice and don’t wish to convert to PAYE status. So there is great appeal in applying for a role that is certified outside of IR35.

How does it work?

This service is free of charge and included within our management of contract placements.

To find out more speak to our Contract & Interim team here.

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