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Are you threatening your marketing career before it’s even begun?


Many millennials are not afraid of job-hopping anymore. A CareerBuilder Survey showed that almost 45% of millennials plan to stay with their employer for less than 2 years. They start out in their marketing careers naturally keen to experience as many different types of opportunities, industries and sectors as possible. Coupled with the fact that there is an immense pressure to secure internships, fulfilling placement years and short-term work experience, it is hardly surprising that young people are moving around, trying to chase that ‘dream’ job. But is this attitude sustainable, and are millennials slowly handicapping their long-term marketing career in pursuit of the next role?


Here at EMR, the Delivery Team cover marketing jobs across all industries at the entry end of the market. As a result, we speak to many budding marketers who have typically had less than five years’ experience. Their tenure in each role, on average, hardly lasts more than two years and their CVs are often full of short-term placements.

Consequentially, employers can look negatively on frequent job-hopping. They would often prefer for junior marketers to want to ‘stay the distance’ and progress to more senior positions within their company for the longer-term benefit of the marketing department and the business. 

Many junior marketers who come to us cite little to no career progression opportunities as key motivators to leave their current job. Our Salary & Market Report found that enhanced career prospects and more responsibility were as important as a higher salary when marketers under 29 were asked why they left their last marketing job. While it is easy to cast a generalisation on all millennials as being ‘entitled’ or ‘least engaged’ in the workplace, certain circumstances such as redundancies and restructures bear no fault on their part. Some are tempted to move for a better package or a higher compensation, although many will take a pay cut for the right opportunity. A lack of a collaborative environment, where they can’t bounce ideas off each other – the way you would do in a team – also influences their decision to move. 

It’s important to consider how your employment history looks on your CV or LinkedIn profile. How you manage your personal brand and how it is perceived is key to maintaining the longevity of your career. Who is to say that the manager you burned bridges with may not be able to introduce you to your desired company in the future?


Read on for our Delivery Team's top tips from for managing your career choices for long-term success:


1. Look for development opportunities in your existing company before moving on to another. If you are already adding real value, you will gain credibility and trust amongst your peers.  Kate Alouker

2. Ask questions and discuss issues with senior colleagues on where you see yourself progressing. Look beyond your discipline and foresee what could come next. What skills will be valuable in two-three years’ time and how can you be at the forefront of it? – Roshan D’Souza 

3. Raise any concerns regarding your development opportunities with your line manager. Your role is never fully envisioned in your first week or month so give yourself time to grow into it. - Lewis Chaplin


4. If you do decide that a new job is what you want, seek a role that you are genuinely passionate about, whether it is the company, role or industry. Interviews are a chance to connect with the line manager and find out as much information as possible; remember they are a two way street. – Jamie Lewang 


Our Delivery Team specialise in placing junior level marketing jobs. 


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