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5 tips for adopting Artificial Intelligence in to your business


Artificial Intelligence technology offers exciting opportunities to marketing leaders, as we discussed at our roundtable event, 'Demystifying Artificial Intelligence: hype or reality'. But once you've weighed up the opportunities and risks, how can you ensure successful adoption in to your organisation?

Victor Lebon shared his tips for success with us. As CEO (EMEA & APAC) of ICP, the global marketing technology services agency, Victor has a wealth of experience of both adopting AI technologies into his own agency as well as on behalf of his clients. 


1. Define your business purpose and objectives

What are your marketing or business objectives in the first place? How can AI technology support these plans? It is vital to define these first, after all, 9 in 10 businesses develop a sophisticated strategy and then fail to execute it properly. So, first you must consider how the technology will support your overall goals and that you're clear about what the technology can help you try to achieve. Align these requirements with your original objectives. 


2. Don't buy the first cool piece of tech you see!

With hundreds of new firms producing thousands of new products all the time, the Artificial Intelligence landscape can feel like a minefield. Common sense prevails that if you have clear business objectives, then your research of the right technology for you should follow suit.

Here are some tips on choosing your AI provider.


3. Plan the integration thoroughly

Once you've chosen your tech, thoroughly planning it's adoption seems obvious. Which departments are involved? How are Marketing and Technology departments led in your business and how do they work together? What other stakeholders need to be involved? Consider scoping out issues such as change management and internal communications.


4. Think about positioning

The Stamford firm's 2019 CIO Survey found that AI adoption had increased by 270% in just four years and this trend will only continue. But the widespread adoption should not be mistaken and widespread acceptance. Considering the stakeholders involved, and how you may roll out the technology across your organisation, what will employees' fears be? How can you position the adoption so the idea is embraced as a positive addition to the organisation, rather than fought against?


5. Consider skill-sets and experience required

Given all of the above, do you have the right skills and experience in your marketing department to be able to project manage the AI technology into the business? Map out the skills you require and the level of experience and consider where you may find these. It could be in the wider organisation. Or, if not, will you need to hire? Then you can consider whether you will want to recruit a full-time marketer who might implement the technology and manage it long-term. Or it may be advantageous to recruit an experienced digital marketing contractor who can guide you through the project through to implementation.


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