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Why work with a marketing recruitment agency

In the last 12 months there have been some notable changes across the marketing recruitment industry. Despite recent uncertainty within the UK economy opportunities for marketers still seem to be on the rise as businesses look to hire and grow their marketing.

For most marketing recruitment agencies, and in particular marketing recruiters in London, so far 2016 has certainly been a busy period. With new live roles being worked on each day and a wealth of new talented candidates registering, it is without doubt a much more buoyant and competitive market than in previous years, in fact results from our 2016 Salary Survey back this up.

However, the role of marketing recruitment agencies is no longer just about finding candidates for clients and placing them into roles. The modern agency is much more than that.

In today’s market, recruiters are often best placed to provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to both the candidate and to the client. From advising candidates on how to create a winning CV to providing advice on career moves, the importance of a skilled recruiter can never be underestimated.

For clients this not only means sourcing hard to find talent, particularly professionals with rare digital skills, but also guiding and advising businesses on their own talent retention strategy. In a buoyant market this often poses one of the biggest challenges for businesses, ahead of finding rare talent who can drive growth. But sitting within a niche space within the career and talent arena, expert recruiters are well positioned and experienced to provide assistance and advice to businesses on all their hiring and retention issues.

So despite the various new channels and technologies which continue to arrive on the recruitment scene, it’s always worth considering all elements of the hiring process and the added value a recruiter can provide.