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Young people consider digital 'crucial'


Children born in the last few years will never have known a world without smartphones, Wi-Fi or Angry Birds, and are becoming comfortable with digital technology from an increasingly early age.

This shift in mindset can also be seen in teenagers, many of whom have been similarly immersed in the online world for much of their life.

According to a new report from digital consultancy Amaze, the group of 10 to 15 year olds involved in its study now consider online shopping and other services crucial to the consumer experience, reports the Drum.

Showrooming is expected to become the main purpose of shops in the future, meaning they will be used to display potential purchases but the actual business of buying the items will be carried out over the internet.

Almost all the youngsters and teenagers questioned had bought items online, while an impressive three-quarters of them admitted they prefer shopping online to visiting the high street.

"The shopping habits of the Amaze Generation has undergone a revolution, with shopping online clearly gaining in popularity. Whilst the use of mobile for shopping has yet to take hold with this generation, it will be extremely interesting to see how this develops given the overall increasing popularity of the device," said Amaze chief executive officer Natalie Gross.

Furthermore, the closure of stores like HMV was not considered important by this generation of youngsters, who characterised their views towards the former retail giant as unsympathetic and rational.

They predicted further high street changes as online shopping continues to grow in popularity, highlighting how important it is for marketers to build up their digital offering and ensure that clients can compete with their counterparts online.

Ms Gross pointed out the "digital natives" involved in this survey represent a major chunk of the market and will only become more important to advertising strategies in the coming years.

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