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What makes brands desirable?


Certain brands have established themselves so firmly in the public consciousness as symbols that it seems as if marketing them must be simple, although the reality is that maintaining this position is extremely difficult.

The top echelons of the 2013 Brand Desire listing, from agency Clear, highlight some of the things that have captured British imaginations - and it is an eclectic mix of products, services and categories.

Apple and its iPhone came in at first and second, predictably, while other heavy-hitters in the top ten include Ferrari and Tiffany, reports Marketing Week.

The iPad and iTunes were also in this category, underlining Apple's dominance of the technology marketing industry and its savvy ways of forming connections with consumers.

Probably the least glamorous entry in the top ten was Marmite, the savoury yeast-based spread known for an advertising campaign that has placed the product inescapably in the public lexicon.

So what brings these disparate brands together, and more importantly, how can marketers harness the power of 'desirability' or recognition for their own campaigns?

Peter Askew, director of strategy at Clear, suggested that the common link between the different brands is that they all make consumers think differently than their less desirable counterparts do.

"People are looking for authenticity and reassurance in brands and this is a reflection of more cynicism towards marketing and marketing messaging," he added.

He cited the success of consumer review sites such as TripAdvisor, which over 200 million people use every month to plan their holiday and check out reviews or advice from other travellers.

Making brands open to customers is more important than it was in the past, because platforms such as Twitter and internet commenting on sites have made it far easier for consumers to have their say and criticise poor service.

Mr Askew concluded that brands need to match their 'typology' to a consumer 'typology' and focusing on that area in their marketing campaign in order to deliver the best possible results.

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