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What corporate organisations can learn from start-ups to survive 2015 and beyond


The discussions at our recent digital roundtable in conjunction with the Knowledge Engineers focused on the need for ‘corporate’ organisations to learn from smaller, technologically savvy start-ups when it comes to digital strategy and implementation. The only constant is change in the digital sphere and companies that fail to adapt will be left behind.

Unfortunately for large organisations, the deck is stacked against them. With their heavy layers of management and lengthy decision making processes, big corporates lack the agility of their smaller counterparts and are at real risk of becoming digital dinosaurs.

SMEs, particularly start-ups, on the other hand benefit from being small when it comes to evolving to meet customers’ digital needs and enhancing employee appreciation of the importance of digital.  With an efficient decision making process and a willingness to test, (possibly) fail and get back up and start again, a smaller organisation can adapt quickly.

The roles within SMEs are less clear cut with everyone bundling together to problem solve. The lack of clearly defined boundaries means digital thinking can’t be cut off from the rest of the business and is fundamental without exception.

Large corporates need to look at this agile SME model and consider how elements of this can apply to their business.  Whether it’s creating and celebrating a company-wide digital champion scheme or encouraging inter-departmental cooperation with marketing and digital teams, large corporates need to act now – if they haven’t already.

You can download our latest white paper on ‘the Art of Agility’ here.

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