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Want to earn more? Hit the books!


For marketers looking for a new role, professional qualifications are certainly useful for standing out from the crowd, but are by no means a prerequisite for working in the industry. Indeed, many well-paying marketing roles primarily require strong industry experience, and 80% of marketers polled by EMR suggested they do not view a post-graduate qualification as being essential to progressing in the industry.

However, the white-coats in the EMR laboratory have recently made a discovery that may change the way marketers view the sector’s qualifications; marketers with a higher vocational education earn more than their non-qualified counterparts. EMR’s salary survey found that those with post-graduate qualifications in the sector typically enjoy salaries of up to £61,524 – 15% higher than those without. Professionals with MBAs are particularly well rewarded, earning average salaries in the region of £76,738, or 43% above average.

While a lack of qualifications will not hold a good candidate back, they can certainly boost their chances of landing a well-remunerated and challenging position. Not only do they underpin practical experience with theoretical knowledge, but they also signify that a candidate is committed to working in the industry and is proactive about career development.

However, marketers should be sure their qualification will provide them with the required digital skills to get on in the industry. The profession is rapidly changing, and just 21% of professionals in our salary survey said that marketing qualifications provide adequate coverage of digital topics.  Marketers looking to study should therefore ensure that prospective courses contain sufficient digital content before making the leap.

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