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Traditional advertising still trumping digital?


Sometimes the great march towards progress can encounter a diversion. We still don't commute on jetpacks, or have small machines that brush our teeth every four hours while we sleep to ensure our dental hygiene is perfect.

Furthermore, there are times when the classic trumps the new. Anyone who's ever tried to clean the house in a pair of PVC trousers will understand the appeal of denim (which was invented in the French city of Nimes in the 18th century, obviously).

This adage is also true in the world of marketing recruitment companies. While digital may be the word on everyone's lips, the reality is that more traditional forms of advertising still retain some appeal to consumers.

Adobe's new report on the state of online advertising found that print magazines are still the most popular form of advertising, ahead of both TV ads and websites - suggesting that brands and marketers still have plenty of work to do in the digital field.

Some seven in ten consumers feel that television is more important than online ads, with iconic campaigns from Guinness and John Lewis sticking in their mind more than anything they had seen on the web, reports Marketing Week.

Mark Phibbs, vice-president of marketing in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, said the report should be a clarion call for marketers trying to make a splash in the digital pond.

"In reality, both brands and consumers are still getting used to the fact that, while physical advertising has traditionally been about broadcasting messages, online now affords the opportunity to engage with customers directly. The brands that harness this possibility will ultimately win in the digital world," he declared.
Consumers were most comfortable with social media advertising that allowed them to show their friends what brands they liked and recommend particular products, highlighting the fact that well-optimised digital content can have a major role to play in the future of marketing.

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