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Top ten tips for attracting talent



With hiring across the industry in full swing and with high levels of competition for the top talent on the market, what does it really take to attract the best candidates to your business?

To find out we asked our most senior managers to provide their top tips on how businesses can attract the industries top talent. Here’s our ten favourite:

1. Move quickly. Great candidates are moving on and off the market very quickly.

2. Have a clear understanding of your employer brand and ensure that key messages through all channels are on brand and speak in the same tone of voice.

3. Be open to the recruiter’s opinion on candidates’ backgrounds. A CV is sometimes not truly reflective of the person behind it, and nor is a LinkedIn profile.

4. Focus on ensuring a smooth recruitment process and have a detailed timeline in place before beginning the hire.

5. Remember that flexible working is a huge attraction. Lengthy recruitment processes don’t work – a comprehensive yet short process will ensure you don’t lose the best talent.

6. It is a dual ‘sell;’ candidates have to sell their talent to you, but equally you have to sell the company to them.

7. Be flexible and be prepared to compromise – the market has reached a point where the candidate who ticks all the boxes may not be available.

8. Try to open up to other industry verticals that have synergies with your own in order to broaden and increase the amount of talent available.

9. Position yourself as a flat structure culture, where the whole marketing workforce is listened to and engaged.

10. You get what you pay for – to secure top talent, organisations must be willing to match growing candidate remuneration expectations.

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