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Top retailers 'not yet mobile ready'


Despite the unstoppable advance of smartphones into public life and the excitable pronouncements from ecommerce analysts suggesting that mobile sales are ready to step up to the plate, it appears many retailers have not yet optimised their m-commerce offering.

A new study from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) found the uptake of mobile and tablet as key marketing components amongst the top 50 UK retailers has not yet been completed.

Its audit, carried out between May and June 2013, examined a variety of different mobile measures - optimised sites, apps, search campaigns, in-store Wi-Fi and more - to come up with its conclusions.

IAB’s head of mobile Alex Kozloff said: "This research shows that although the fashion specific retailers have grasped the essentials of mobile marketing there is still a large percentage of the top spending retailers that haven't. With so many consumers now deciding to shop online brands can't afford to not get this right."

While 74 per cent of the brands surveyed did have a mobile-optimised site, only eight per cent have done the same for tablets such as the iPad - something that could end up causing problems as this technology becomes more popular.

Furthermore, the experience being offered to users is far from seamless, with just ten per cent of firms providing what the IAB described as a 'single user' approach - allowing consumers a joint account that functions both on mobile and desktop platforms.

"The IAB will be reaching out to retail brands specifically over the coming months to help educate them further about how to make the most of mobile," concluded Mr Kozloff.

For digital marketers, it is obvious that shifting their approach towards mobile will be important if they are to connect with as many consumers as possible in the next few years.

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