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The state of the market for marketers


There’s no doubt that hiring levels and remuneration trends in the UK marketing industry have shown a strong correlation with business confidence and what’s been happening in the broader market over the past 12 months.

We’ve seen a range of market forces change the way our industry operates; how talent is sourced, developed and retained has been influenced as a result.

In the broadest sense, many businesses have been hiring to replace headcount rather than to grow teams, and digital is becoming far more of a strategic focus. Specialists in the digital space - specifically eCommerce and CRM - are in increasingly high demand as businesses recognise the gains of investing in digital to drive business growth.

Mobile marketing has followed this trend, where demand has significantly outweighed talent supply, creating a localised war for talent and salary inflation which is radically different to the norm. This is something we expect to continue.

Other professionals in high demand include business development and bid professionals within professional services, and consumer insight and market research professionals within the retail space.

A ‘try before you buy’ trend has also emerged where employers chose to hire new talent on a temp-to-perm basis, initially bringing someone on board on a temporary basis then employing permanently. While visibility is still limited for a number of market sectors, this can often be a suitable solution that offers greater flexibility. The result of this has been a marked increase in demand for temporary workers and fixed term contracts across the industry.

Having said this, it’s certainly felt like there has been more confidence in our job market than perhaps the business press suggest. There has been more movement at the senior end of the market than we have seen for some time, as specialists become more highly sought-after.

All in all, the trends we see suggest that hiring demand remains strong for marketing professionals within the UK, but the uncertainty and lack of visibility in the economy is a constant obstacle in most sectors.

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