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The Google ‘buy button’


The Google buy button is significant news for marketers in the consumer goods field.  It presents the opportunity to make the transition between acquisitions and conversions a much speedier process, and in reality blurs the two stages together, by providing customers with the opportunity to buy something directly from a search engine results page (and probably facilitating impulse buys along the way!).

The fact the button is only available for mobile ready sites also confirms what we’ve long known about changing shopping habits – that when consumers want something they want it now, where ever they are.

Search engine optimisation is likely to become an ever more important digital marketing tool going forward, as a prominent position in search rankings could be crucial for fending off a rival selling a similar product.  Those offering goods at the lowest price are more likely to be favoured by customers than previously, with the touch point of a retailer’s website losing prominence when it comes to telling the brand story. A further consequence of cutting out the website itself, is to limit opportunities to market other goods or services offered by a company.

Ultimately Google has given little away about how their service will look, making it hard for marketers to know exactly how their offerings will be impacted. However, professionals in the industry certainly need to be aware of this change and plan for it in advance or risk losing ground to competitors. In the meantime we’re looking forward to seeing the clash of the digital titans: Google vs. Amazon.



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