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The biggest election faux pas and the greatest pitfall in 2015


As difficult as it can sometimes be to see it, politicians are only human and the intense scrutiny they’re under in the run up to a General Election magnifies split-second errors of judgement. Mistakes like Gordon Brown’s bigoted woman rant and Alistair Campbell’s famed Newsnight outburst quickly gain notoriety.

Less forgivable however, are glaring strategic mistakes. Parties pay through the nose to build effective campaigns and when this works, such as it did for the Conservatives when they commissioned Saatchi & Saatchi for their ‘Labour isn’t working’ campaign, the results can be extremely memorable. On the other side of the coin, you have Labour’s 1992 Sheffield Rally, at which they decided to celebrate electoral victory prematurely, putting off many voters in the process and leading to an embarrassing loss.

The campaigning itself has been notably vanilla in 2015 and there have been no obvious disasters or strokes of great genius either. But the Lib Dems may come to regret their strategic decision to put their digital money on Google+ , which could well be a costly mistake for a party needing to reach out to a broader audience. By failing to have a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter, the Lib Dems are ignoring a large swathe of undecided voters.  Perhaps Nick should give EMR a call when looking for the best digital talent next time around and get in on his own version of #milifandom.


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