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Tech sector 'turning to wider market'


Providing PR for the tech sector has generally been considered a fairly straight-forward task. As a niche market, the role of communications professionals tended to be using trade media and other industry news sources to spread information among a small group of like-minded people.

However, as we move into the 21st century and the prospect of a robot-based singularity becomes ever more tangible, technology news is no longer the remit of IT workers and industry experts.

A broader base of consumers are now interested in learning about developments in the sector, for a range of reasons - the wide-spread use of devices like smartphones means apps have a big audience, while many people use computers on a daily basis for work and leisure.

But what does this mean for PR? How can communications teams change their approach to ensure clients get the right press?

According to a recent report in PR Week naming the top 40 consultants in the tech sector, one major shift is that fee incomes are on the up, which should be good news for the organisations involved.

However, in exchange for this boost in funding, consultants are expected to provide a service that is more integrated, as well as making use of the various digital options available to clients.

Furthermore, smaller tech firms and start-ups are looking to PR agencies to help them stand out in what is rapidly becoming a saturated market. Recent data showed that 15,720 new companies launched in London's Tech City last year, highlighting the country's status as a major hub for innovative IT firms.

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry managing director Guy Walsingham told PR Week that his firm has been changing its approach when it comes to working with the tech industry.

"We've been able to engage with clients on a more strategic level as content, messaging and engagement is the key to success," he declared.

Furthermore, Mr Walsingham pointed out that digital and social approaches - traditionally the purview of consumer-focused advertising - have gained more traction in the b2b market over the last 12 months.

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