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Spotlight on: Professional Services


The importance of maintaining a positive ‘digital footprint’ for professionals was raised recently, with the LinkedIn mishaps of a top solicitor grabbing national headlines.  Alexander Carter-Silk, head of European intellectual property at Brown Rudnick, was recently stung by a message sent to a female employee in the industry, in a move that will undoubtedly have the heads of PRs and marketers in their hands.

It isn’t just at the individual level that the professional services industry has been lagging behind in its utilisation of digital. Despite being a multi-billion pound international industry, our 2015 Salary & Market Trend report highlighted that many B2B professional services firms are sometimes slow when it comes to using new technologies.

The sector has traditionally relied upon strong brand reputation as a principle marketing tool for prestigious firms, and while this certainly hasn’t hurt business, a more competitive commercial landscape is now leading many firms to look to new channels to get ahead of the pack. Not only can a skilled digital team offer firms the opportunity to build their brand with potential clients in newer industries, but they can also keep a lid on potential negative consequences by acting as an immediate intermediary between the firm and the press.

Salaries for marketers in the professional services sector continue to be attractive, with salaries for executives starting at £26,000 and managers at £40,000.

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