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Silicon Roundabout 'could create PR jobs'


Although it might sound like the kind of garish children's TV show three gawping BBC executives might pitch at their annual meeting, the Silicon Roundabout is in fact a neat bit of journalistic shorthand for the cluster of tech start-ups situated near the Old Street Roundabout in London.

Coined by one start-up's chief technology officer back in 2008, the name connects England's dreary capital with the excitement and sunshine of Silicon Valley in California, and has gained more credence in recent years as the internet economy comes into its own - the sector now accounts for 8.9 per cent of GDP, reports PR Week.

While it might not have fully replicated the success of its Californian counterpart, there are over 1,000 companies based in the vicinity, ranging from start-ups to established businesses. Furthermore, the government - keen to make hay from any hint of a success story - has repeatedly pointed to Silicon Roundabout as a hotbed of innovation and business nous.

This could be good news for communications recruitment as well as the economy at large, with PR agencies getting called in to spread the message of these new firms and help them showcase their talents to the public.

Paul Lewis, director of marketing at Moo, told PR Week that savvy start-ups are likely to look towards their branding and marketing aims early on, especially if they want to stand out in the crowded field that is Silicon Roundabout.

"The creation of the brand begins when building the company. The message of the product is there at the beginning. A natural point comes when they begin telling people about the company," explained Mr Lewis.

He added that online activity is a good place for PR professionals to start when representing these start-ups, especially given their high-tech target audience.

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