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Should marketing and business development align?


Prestigious private banking service Coutts has announced the appointment of Sarah Wyse as managing director, head of marketing and UK business development, a newly-created role based in the company's London office.

Coutts has significantly transformed its UK business over the last year, attempting to respond to the changes in the regulatory market and placing itself in a strong position for European growth, something Ms Wyse is expected to help with.

Michael Morley, the company's chief executive, said: "We are excited that Sarah has accepted this new role at Coutts. She brings a breadth of knowledge to the firm and her appointment underscores the importance of aligning marketing and business development."

Good for her, you might be thinking, but does this represent anything larger for marketing recruiters? It could do, as the alignment alluded to by Mr Morley becomes more important to companies hoping to streamline their processes and ensure all areas of their work run in tandem.

Ms Wyse's experience - running and developing a multitude of agency businesses for WPP before joining Coutts as a consultant - indicates how the lines between business development and marketing have been blurring for some time.

A recent report from the Venturis Consulting Group suggested that many businesses in the legal sector are attempting to align both these parts of their organisation in order to build up a greater return on marketing investment.

"Returns on investment can be hard to achieve if market positioning objectives, efforts to build brand image and marketing and business development initiatives are not aligned," the firm suggested.

Given the increasing pressure on firms across all sectors to ensure that their marketing budget produces clear, quantifiable results, as budgets are squeezed, it seems self-evident that business development should go hand-in-hand with all facets of the advertising process.

For marketers, that could mean brushing up on their skills in this area if they want to become indispensable in the field.

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