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The saying goes that a change can be as good as holiday and this has certainly been the case for the increase in marketing professionals choosing an interim career path and companies wishing to employ them.

Over the past few years this trend has continued to increase so much that it’s becoming questionable whether it’s a trend at all or in fact here to stay.

Not to be confused with freelancers, professional interims are generally highly experienced marketers who specialise in strategy setting or a particular skill set at the very senior end of the market, charging a day rate for their services.

As the war for top talent continues to heat up, particularly in content marketing, loyalty, social media and eCommerce, interim marketers are changing the way many companies approach their marketing function.

Projects typically last anywhere from six weeks to 12 months, with the main attraction for candidates being to expand their experience across a variety of sectors and continuously take on new challenges at different companies. Many appreciate being able to focus on strategy setting rather than office politics and some argue it provides greater job satisfaction.

For employers, the benefits are plentiful. The flexibility offered, lower risk implications and having an outsider’s perspective have resulted in a winning formula for many businesses. As digital channels continue to develop at an alarming rate, many businesses are choosing to bring in a specialist in this field rather than outsource to an agency. The interim marketers are often charged with setting the strategy and creating a blueprint others in the department can learn from and work off following their departure.

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