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Music industry 'embraces digital'


The music industry's ongoing evolution has been one of the most emotive stories brought about by the digital revolution of the last two decades, inspiring strong feelings on all sides and a great deal of soul-searching from businesses that took their continued source of income for granted during the boom years of CD sales.

However, BPI chairman Tony Wadsworth has suggested that the painful changes the sector has undergone could be about to result in a transformation that will see digital finally embraced by the majority of firms.

Making the keynote speech at Radiotoday 2013, he admitted that the stories of doom and gloom (epitomised by the recent collapse of high street stalwart HMV) have been "prevalent and very loud" over recent years.

But the BPI chief argued that these growing pains could be subsiding as the sector finally adapts, potentially creating more jobs for digital marketers in the process.

He cited gamechangers such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube and more as services that the industry has had to catch up with, having found itself behind the curve for much of the 2000s.

"The music industry has embraced all of these changes, which has helped drive impressive growth in digital - not just in revenues but also in the diversity of services in the market. There are now over 70 licensed music services in the UK, meeting a huge range of consumer needs," declared Mr Wadsworth.

One fundamental difference in how labels are operating is that they are now focusing on digital marketing techniques - especially social media - when it comes to promoting new artists or products.

"This ability to drive social media as an integral part of a marketing campaign has given labels another weapon in their armoury and made them continue to be the main route for an artist to get their music to market," concluded the BPI chief.

With many marketing professionals interested in working in the sector, this increased focus is likely to be good news for anyone looking for a new role.

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