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MEC study explains 'consumer journey'


A major study from global media agency MEC is offering clients a new data-driven, psychological approach intended to showcase how consumers choose particular brands, making it easier for digital marketers and other industry professionals to shape their campaigns towards particular subsets of people.

The Momentum study has looked at the purchase decisions of more than 100,000 consumers so far, with MEC predicting a "seismic shift" in how marketing campaigns are produced and carried out, reports the drum.

While it would be best to take these excitable suggestions with a pinch of salt - the ephemeral nature of advertising success is what maintains its huge industry of analysts, consultants and experts, and there really is no formula - MEC's findings could still be of interest.

A major element gleaned from their Momentum survey of more than 100,000 consumers across the globe is the concept of the 'passive stage' - a period during which consumers consider fewer brands, are less concerned with price and happier with their decision after buying.

According to the marketing strategists, this study will help businesses work out how to winkle consumers out of this passive attitude by helping them see the advantages of their product compared to that of their competitors.

Global chief strategy officer at MEC Melanie Varley told the Drum: "Momentum measures the whole purchase journey in a new way. It gets under the skin of how people make decisions, unpicking the beliefs, whether preconceived or not, that they have about brands and how these influence behaviour, and the effect of brand communication throughout this journey."

With the emergence of digital marketing and ecommerce as a viable alternative to high street shopping, the consumer journey can be influenced more directly by advertising than was possible in the past.

MEC's attempts to drive brand communication during this process could be crucial for firms that want to stand out from their competitors and showcase the quality of their service or product.

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