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Marketing professionals 'suffering from stress'


The modern workplace can be tough. While great strides have been made by HR departments in identifying the causes of stress and attempting to place compassionate practices at the centre of business attitudes, the 'always-on' attitude of many staff can be detrimental to their health.

This is certainly true for people in B2B marketing jobs and other communications positions, where the nature of the role makes employees more likely to be constantly checking their emails or working long hours.

A new report from marketing and communications news provider the Drum suggested that a shocking 70 per cent of people working in the industry feel their health is affected by the pressure their workload puts on them.

While many people attracted to the sector thrive on the demanding and challenging nature of the work, others feel it can be too stressful at times. Some 90 per cent of respondents told the Drum that pressure levels are increasing.

An employee of an integrated agency argued that the biggest shift has come from clients, who expect different things in the era of digital media.

"The pressure comes from clients - they want everything faster and cheaper. So days are more manic and longer. But their briefs are more vague, they seem less qualified in real marketing practices (especially the digital clients) and have lower values. Their measures are wrong," the anonymous marketer suggested.

Despite these worrying comments, the majority of people (64 per cent) enjoy a normal working day of between seven and nine hours, suggesting that poor management may lie behind many of the concerns expressed by respondents.

Given the recent reports from HR experts pointing out that 'presenteeism' is often more damaging to the bottom line than allowing staff the occasional day off, it is clear that looking after the mental wellbeing of workers should be crucial to business policy.

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