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Marketing opportunities set to grow in the north regions

The North has historically suffered from its best marketers packing up and heading to the bright lights of London, but that’s changing – and not because the average property in Yorkshire costs just over a third of one in London.

While the government’s proposed “Northern Powerhouse” (which sounds a bit more like an abrasive dance music genre than an economic stimulus programme) may have hit a stumbling block, the North is still likely to see high levels of investment over the course of this Parliament. Leeds has always been at the heart of the North, and with the fiscal pump primed, opportunities for marketers will undoubtedly swell.

The city already boasts the biggest financial services sector outside London – which marketers can find a highly lucrative and rewarding industry to work in. According to consultants in our Leeds office confidence is rising throughout West Yorkshire, and employers are looking to invest heavily in their marketing departments, with the utilities and ecommerce sectors experiencing growth. High demand for digitally adept candidates with strong SEO and PPC skills has driven salaries up, as hiring managers compete for the best talent.

Our salary survey & market trend report 2015 revealed that marketers can therefore command some very attractive salaries in West Yorkshire, with research from EMR’s Leeds office showing average salaries have increased by around 17% annually to £46,167. While these salaries may not be quite as high as in London, they certainly go a lot further when Leeds’ lower cost of living is factored in.

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