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Marketing continues to grow across the professional services industry


Business and professional services firms have recently been in the headlines again as the CBI has reported the strongest ever period by value for the sector in the three months to August. It’s not just lawyers, accountants and consultants who are set to cash in on this growth however; over the past few years B2B marketers have become increasingly important as firms attempt to stand out in crowded marketplaces.

In terms of marketing, the industry has come a long way from its largely high-street origins. While the Big 4’s predecessors like Price, Holyland and Waterhouse spent little on marketing, today’s multinational and multi-disciplinary organisations have large and highly focused marketing teams across the globe, communicating their value to clients through a plethora of campaigns.

As highlighted in our Market & Salary Report 2015, there is growing demand for marketing professionals across the industry. Bid professionals at a range of levels have been particularly sought after, and law firms’ struggles to find business development executives and advisers means that the right candidate can demand a significant premium.  Our research highlighted that Business Development Managers in the sector take home up to £70,000 a year – rising to £150,000 for Business Development Directors. 

Looking towards 2016, EMR expects to see the number of available roles increase across the professional services industry as optimism takes hold among organisations, and firms attempt to gain an upper hand over their rivals through digital and traditional channels. 

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