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Marketing 'can be a revolutionary force'


Britain's reputation as an inherently conservative land, smelling of tea and damp, where grey men in sombre suits trudge the rainy streets, has been upheld by recent comments from marketing expert and founder of HERD consulting Mark Earls.

Speaking to the Drum, Mr Earls suggested that marketing recruiters looking for fresh blood should not be deterred by inexperience and instead look towards encouraging talented young people to reach the top of the industry.

He declared that harnessing this get-up-and-go, entrepreneurial spirit could make marketing a "revolutionary" force for small businesses across the UK, many of which are currently stuck in old-fashioned processes no longer effective in the modern world.

In addition to authoring a number of books on marketing, the HERD chief has senior experience from his time at advertising agencies Ogilvy and St Luke's, meaning his opinion carries a good deal of heft in the industry.

Mr Earls has also been named as a judge on the panel for the Change Ambassadors Programme, a collaborative scheme aimed at identifying the drivers of positive change for British firms.

"British business gets stuck in practices, we're really quite conservative and we imagine there are things like best practice, which is the law of how it's always been in industry," he explained.

Lest his attitude becomes seen as a kind of blue-sky-thinking, sit-on-the-idea-beanbags-and-thrash-out-some-brain-nuggets type of vaguery, the marketer pointed out that his claims are based on practical experience.

"I remember being told by a client of mine in margarine that because I had no experience in the category it was going to be two years before I had anything interesting to say to him - that's clearly not true," he concluded.

Hopefully, any shift in thinking from British marketing firms will help with the creation of new jobs in the industry for talented young professionals keen to shake things up a little.

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