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Marketers 'unsatisfied with Twitter'


Many marketers are still not taking full advantage of Twitter as a social media tool and need to change their approach if they are to see dividends, according to a new report from Forrester.

Ahead of the much-feted company's initial public offering, the research found only 55 per cent of marketers are satisfied with the returns they get from the platform.

Forrester analyst Nate Elliott suggested firms may have the wrong objectives in mind when setting up an account with the social media platform.

"Marketers' most common objective on Twitter is to build brand awareness. But consumers are most likely to become a fan or follower of a company in social media after they've already bought from that company," he explained.

This means firms are better-served by engaging with their existing support base on social media, rather than attempting to drive up followers or likes in a way that many neutral users will consider to be irritating.

However, Mr Elliot also called on Twitter to do more to support marketers attempting to utilise their site.

"Marketers say they need more guidance, education, service, and support if they're going to use Twitter successfully," he warned.

This is backed up by the news that only 44 per cent of respondents felt satisfied with the firm's actions as a marketing partner.

He argued that Twitter appears to be heading in the right direction, forming strong connections with its affiliates and trying to help firms build links with their customers rather than simply pester them with unwanted links and advertising.

With some 76 per cent of people now accessing their Twitter account through a mobile device, the platform could prove crucial in the coming years as mcommerce continues to boom and more consumers buy their goods with smartphones and tablets.

Marketers who work out how to harness its undoubted popularity and drive it in a productive direction could find themselves ahead of the curve.

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