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Marketers 'poised for organic growth'


Marketing recruiters could be set for a busy 2013, after a report from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) suggested that many businesses in the industry are feeling confident about the possibility for organic growth and expansion over the coming months.

Despite the general malaise being suffered by the British economy, many marketing firms appear confident about their chances - although most are sticking to relatively low-risk strategies rather than engaging in intensive (and financially draining) brand-building exercises.

The quarterly confidence monitor found 75 per cent of marketing departments are planning internal growth measures, with no plans to expand to new areas of business in 2013.

Nick Turner, partner in the Deloitte marketing and insight practice which carries out the report with CIM, expressed his concern that the pendulum has swung too strongly towards caution as firms look to minimise their risks.

"There is a clear paradox here between the growing optimism around business performance and the shift towards lower-risk and more tactical marketing strategies. There is always a need to balance delivery this year with long term growth," he added.

However, he pointed out that smaller companies are continuing to fare better than their larger counterparts, perhaps because of the levels of flexibility they are able to bring to their business plan - nearly half of the small-to-medium-sized enterprises questioned are more confident about the coming 12 months than they were for the previous period.

While the overall confidence score increased 1.5 points since October 2012, some 40 per cent of big companies still expect their budgets to be reduced overall in 2013.

Arguably, this means that marketing professionals could be more likely to pick up a job in the more boutique segments of the industry than with the larger, more traditional areas or with established firms.

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