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Marketers 'not given chance to be creative'


The increasing demands being placed on marketers when it comes to budgeting and other administrative tasks is making it difficult to carry out the creative work they consider their bread and butter, a new report has claimed.

According to the study from iStock, conducted by KRC Research, creativity is being insufficiently supported by many organisations across the UK.

Some 48 per cent of so-called 'creatives' feel this aspect of their role has been given less credence in the last decade, reports The Drum.

Furthermore, 60 per cent of respondents said they had thought of great ideas in the last 12 months but found themselves incapable of pursuing them because of a lack of backing from higher up.

It's no surprise that marketers are struggling to live out their Mad Men fantasies of strolling around the office drinking scotch and spitballing ideas - the sector, like many of its counterparts, has felt major budgetary squeezes over the last few years.

Ellen Desmarais, general manager at iStock, warned that creativity is at danger of being dismissed in favour of more tangible business issues.

"When you consider that global revenues last year in the advertising industry alone were nearly half a trillion dollars, declining creativity is cause for alarm and should prompt an industry-wide discussion. The bottom line - we need to free the creative," she added.

Some 400 people involved in the UK and US marketing and advertising sectors were surveyed - 63 per cent claimed they no longer have enough time for "creative reflection and inspiration".

What would Don Draper say? Probably something charming. For marketers in the real world, though, it is becoming increasingly difficult to apply their individual stamp to work as clients demand value for money and tangible metrics such as Facebook shares.

On the bright side, 71 per cent of respondents felt new technologies are making it easier to work creatively - perhaps the future may not be so grim after all.

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