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Marketers 'keen on sustainable growth'


The latest report from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and Bloomberg has revealed that confidence is high among businesses in the sector, with the majority feeling positive about their growth prospects in 2013 - good news for anyone in the industry who is looking for a new job.

According to the Marketing Confidence Monitor, a quarterly survey of more than 1,000 executives in the field, 84 per cent of firms feel that they will see improved levels of expansion and economic growth over the course of 2013.

However, some 90 per cent are planning to keep their marketing spend at an even keel for the next three months, suggesting there is still some uncertainty as to how the economy is progressing.

For people working in the sector, the most interesting aspect of the CIM survey could be its suggestion that 80 per cent of marketers are planning to adapt their business to become more sustainable and responsible, plugging into a wider trend for green initiates seen across the UK's corporate world.

"In order for businesses to make the all-important shift from survival to growth and to ensure sustainable recovery in a global marketplace, they must commit to investing in new business practices, products and services," said Anne Godfrey, CIM chief executive.

This indicates that pure economic success is no longer sufficient for international firms, who are now aware of the importance of green issues - both on a moral and pragmatic level, given the degree of opprobrium that could be levelled at companies seen as not doing their bit to reduce carbon emissions.

She stressed that the industry is in a unique position in this regard "as marketers are continually exposed to both the commercial needs of businesses and customer sentiment", meaning they can help businesses work out how to fulfil their green commitments while still making a profit.

For in-house marketing professionals, embracing the concepts of sustainability is one way to stay ahead of the curve compared to rival departments in an organisation.

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