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Manchester digital agencies 'looking to innovate'


As the home of the Industrial Revolution, it seems fitting that Manchester has now become a major hub for the kind of digital recruitment and marketing industries that have become one of the UK's most important growth sectors.

Farooq Ansari, business development director at Reading Room, emphasised the connection between the two periods of the city's expansion when he told the Drum that "innovation, entrepreneurialism and ambition" have always been part of Manchester's DNA.

He argued that the city's links with the creative industries mean it attracts a high percentage of forward-thinking, intelligent professionals able to solve problems with impressive adroitness.

Manchester's digital agencies have created many jobs for the city over the last few years and with major firms such as Amaze - who also have offices in London, Brussels and Liverpool - launching in the area, it seems this trend is set to continue.

Furthermore, the BBC's decision to launch its major MediaCity development in Salford has further underlined the region's credentials as a genuinely innovative, exciting place for digital marketers and other people working in the industry.

"Manchester has long been a digital hub, and a major feature of any healthy digital scene is the constant flux where newer agencies and start-ups continue to rise and challenge longer-established ones. This has continued to gather pace, which can only be good for the city and for the industry," Mr Ansari concluded.

Many people have claimed that the infrastructure investment seen across the so-called capital of the north in recent years will see further expansion and growth, especially in the online and digital sector.

Manchester Digital - an independent trade body for digital in the north-west - was founded in 2001 and has enjoyed a great deal of growth over the last decade, indicating just how far the industry has progressed in a short time.

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